4 Ladies In Purple Walk Out To Put On A Classical Performance With An Electric Twist


The talented quartet knew that opportunities like this don’t come often, so when they heard that “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions were being held, they had to make the most of it.

Dressed in stunning purple dresses and black high heels, these women are here to impress with their look and talent. They stepped on stage to perform Karl Jenkins’ “Palladio,” and they got the judges’ attention immediately, throwing in a couple of dance moves and executing the familiar piece, flawlessly. I think, hands down, one of the most impressive factors of the performance is the standing cellist. That really doesn’t happen too often!

All judges loved every second of their show. “It was really, really good. I think you’ve got a real chance in this competition,” says Simon — everyone knows that he is a tough critic! And it seems as though their hard work and effort paid off. At the end of the season, Simon offered the group a $2 million contract with Sony BMG. I’d say job well done!