8 Girls Form A Line On The Sidewalk – But Watch Closely As The Unexpected Suddenly Happens


After a year-long hiatus, Ed Sheeran returned to active musical activity: in January he released the clip Shape of you, in March he presented a new album called “÷”. A few hours ago, he made another gift to his fans – presented a video for the song Galway Girl from the new album. In just a few hours, the video has gained more than a million views.

Special clip-the Galway Girl became fans of not only Ed Sheeran, but actress Saoirse Ronan – it, two-time nominee for “Oscar” and “Golden globe”, became the main heroine of the video. The role of a girl from Galway who dances on the table in the bar and then performs the national Irish dancing in the street, walking all night until the morning meets the sun on the roof, was given to Saoirse as easily as all of her twenty-odd film roles.

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