8 Years After His Passing, Internet Is In Love With Patrick Swayze’s Incredible Dance With His Wife


It was 21 years ago when Patrick Swayze and his wife danced together for the first time on international television. Instead of doing so for their own benefit, Patrick and his wife danced as a tribute to Whitney Houston.

More than two decades later, their performance is going viral and it’s easy to understand why! Long before Patrick was an A-list actor, he was a ballet dancer taking classes from his mother and furthering his study at ballet school.

All he wanted to be in life was a dancer. But life took him in a different direction!

So, with his extensive training, it makes sense that he could move with the grace and precision like you see in the video below. Patrick and his wife, Lisa, were there to demonstrate their love for each other and their appreciation for Whitney Houston as a person.

Their routine was something that viewers watching live and online now will remember forever. Most people don’t know that Patrick and his wife first met in 1970 when Lisa was taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother.

From that moment on, they were high school sweethearts with a love and marriage that stayed strong until the very end. Unfortunately, Patrick was diagnosed with cancer and battled the disease like a champion until his passing in 2009.

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