87-Year-Old Granny’s dance to ‘Electric Slide’ Proves Everyone That Age is Just a Number


Eighty-seven-year-old Jean Hupp and her husband Paul have been living at their assisted living community for the past three years. She is an inspiration to us all, residents and support personnel alike. She loves to dance and has been moving on the dance floor for over eight decades.

If there is one message that she wants everyone to take away with them is that you are never to old to get moving on the dance floor. She loves to show some serious moves on the dance floor and when the idea of making a video was suggested, she was first in line. Her granddaughters and family love this 87 year old for her energy and her desire to live life to the fullest.

She has been a dancer all of her life. For this disco video to Marcia Griffiths, ‘Electric Slide’, Jean swings her arms and legs to the beat of the music.

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