9 year-old girl sings a classic from 1959! Her voice gives everyone goosebumps!


I love her voice and how she sings! Her singing it like an old jazz soul and true professional and she are not even 10 yet! What a difference she have made to millions of lives already around the world! So happy for you — Angelina!

The little girl featured in the video below is called Angelina Jordan. You might have heard of this superstar before as well. This girl is young in age, but she is already a huge internet celebrity – and it is all thanks to her incredible voice.

In this video, Angelina is only nine years old, but her jaw-dropping voice is sure to leave you out of breath. She has lots of fans on the web and it doesn’t really come as a surprise as you will soon see.

According to her website, she discovered YouTube when she was 18 months old. She was only toddler when she used to sing along to the immensely gifted Whitney Houston. Soon she was listening to the likes of Billie Holiday and other jazz musicians too. When her parents discovered her talent, they encouraged the little girl to audition for “Norway’s Got Talent” in 2014. She has never looked back since then.

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