9-Yr-Old’s Angelic Voice Moves Entire Room To Silence During “O Holy Night.”


Amira Willighagen is a child with a truly heavenly voice.

Since winning “Holland’s Got Talent” in 2013, the young girl’s star has only continued to rise. Two years ago, after weighing dozens of offers, Amira agreed to make an appearance on the Dutch program Max Maakt Mogelijk for a Christmas-themed special held at Saint Jacobs Church in The Hague, Netherlands. We’ve written about Amira in the past, but this performance is a must-see for a few reasons.

Firstly, despite her age, it’s clear that Amira is a thoughtful, respectful child. She actually dedicated her performance of the classic Christmas song “O Holy Night” to a 105-year-old audience member.

The woman was deeply honored and a big fan of Amira — as was everyone else who got the chance to hear the young opera star in person.

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