90-Year-old Czech granny paints flowers on houses in her village


Super people are among us. We meet them every day in the streets, shops, hospitals. Super people are our grannies and granddads.

I call them super people, as they have lived their lives in quite difficult times and still they could always find strength and power to do something to move forward. Our grandparents were really active and positive. They travelled, went hiking, visited dance lessons and they were always ready for adventures.

Meanwhile we, their grandchildren, waste most of our time in front of computers. We complain that we are tired and don’t have enough time. And these super people still have desire to do something even being old and weak.

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková, a former agricultural worker, has acquired a special pastime in her later years: painting the homes and other buildings in her small village of Louka in southern Moravia. Kašpárková paints flower motifs on buildings large and small in her village in beautiful blue patterns.

Although she has been asked if she uses some sort of plan, she stated that all the designs come from her imagination and that she starts from scratch each time. Then, once the design has been up for a year, she retouches it as she continues to add more painted flowers to other homes and buildings.

Though her ideas do all come from her mind, these flowers are steeped in quite a bit of history.

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