94-Year-Old Is Helped Onto The Dance Floor


This senior citizen sure knows how to stun a crowd. When Mathilda Klein stepped onto the dance floor with her walker, the audience had no clue what type of performance she had in store. Yet, by the end – she shows everyone that she still has some incredible skills! Get ready to be amazed by Mathilda, who definitely proves that age is just a number.

In the video, we see Mathilda and her much younger partner Danny Maloney. The announcer tells the audience a little bit about her, even pointing out that she was 26-years-old during WWII! But then, it’s time for “Mathilda’s Solo.”

She walks onto the dance floor dressed in a rain coat and scarf – with the help of a walker. In the background is the song “Dancing in the Rain.”

Oh, but that’s only the beginning… Mathilda actually has a huge trick up her sleeve that makes the audience’s jaw drop!

Be sure to watch what happens when suddenly the music changes, and so do her dance moves!