Adorable Ballerina Steals The Crowd When She Performs The Nutcracker With The New York City Ballet


Eight-year-old Audrey Nethery is one of the happiest girls around, and one of her greatest joys in life just so happens to be dancing. Unfortunately, she was born with a bone marrow disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. The condition causes her body to not produce enough red blood cells to carry all of the oxygen her body needs. As if this wasn’t bad enough, she was also born with a cleft palate and a hole in her heart.

Audrey has to undergo frequent blood transfusions and take steroids in hopes of combating her disease. Unfortunately, it means that she hasn’t always been able to lead the most normal life. She has never let it hold her back though, and she even has her very own YouTube Channel where she posts some lovely videos of herself dancing and singing.

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