Andrea Bocelli And Sarah Brightman Give The Audience Goosebumps With ‘Time To Say Goodbye’


I’m not going to say that I listen to music often; I will turn on the radio if I’m on a long commute, but that’s about all the music I’ll indulge in throughout the day. But I can tell you that I know a good song when I hear one. That can be because I’ve always been introduced to some amazing singers, modern-day and those from the past alike, and I have developed an appreciation for the classics.

For someone who doesn’t listen to too much music, a good song can go a long way and I feel that the one shared below has to be one of those tunes.

Everyone loves Andrea Bocelli—his voice is unmatched and he is a magician when it comes to his live performances; people will do anything to see this veteran singer perform live.

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