Aww so cute! These kids show fantastic skills on skating!


There are 3 Facts of this video: 1. These babies are pro skaters. 2. These babies are epic. 3. These babies dislike Justin Bieber!

If this doesn’t make you smile, you’ve missed a great opportunity! There are some videos on the Internet that are made to be liked and shared. THIS is one of them! This little gem will simply make you laugh out loud!

In this video, adults see themselves as babies in their reflections and an epic dance party ensues. Keep an eye on the baby with the chocolate milk mustache! Watch what happens! In this adorable video, adults are walking on a busy street when they suddenly see their «inner babies» in a storefront window reflection.

These cute babies, having just learned to walk, boogie out on some roller blades, outdoing each other with their stunts. These “roller babies” have mastered all the moves to make you laugh and smile. This is cuteness overload and maybe, just maybe, you might feel like running out to buy a pair of roller skates after you see this!

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