Baby Born With No Eyes Sits At Piano, His Next Move Has Dad Running For A Camera


When Patrick John and Patricia Hughes found out they were expecting a baby, they were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start their family. Patrick John looked forward to going fishing, playing catch in the yard and going on many father-son adventures together. But his hopes and dreams were quickly dashed when their son was born without eyes.

Baby Patrick Henry was born without eyes and with a condition that meant his ligaments couldn’t stretch to allow his arms and legs to straighten. Patrick grew up using a wheelchair and was fitted with artificial eyes.

But while Patrick was limited to what he could do by his bodily limitations, they would come to discover that he was incredibly gifted in other ways. Patrick was incredibly talented in music. From as early as 1-years-old Patrick proved his musical skills at the family piano.

His mom would prop him up on the piano stool and bash out a tune on the piano keys. Baby Patrick would replicate the sound perfectly, figuring out where the keys were himself. It’s safe to say that Patrick Hughes was a musical prodigy.

It wasn’t long before Patrick could play tunes such as ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and ‘You are my sunshine’. Patrick would even take song requests at 2-years-old.

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