Baby Girl Hears Daddy’s Voice


While most children have a strong bond with their mothers, it’s equally as important for their fathers to be involved in their lives. Fortunately, this sweet little girl loves her daddy and is thrilled each time he returns home!

In fact, her response is simply precious! Fortunately, for us, Mom records as their daughter sprints towards Dad and leaps into his arms.

Dad is tickled that his baby girl is so thrilled to see him. Thank goodness Mom decided to share their adorable footage online for the world to see!

According to a recent study published in Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing (JOGNN) and reported on the Huffington Post website, the bond fathers make with their newborns is important for the lifelong development of the child. While mothers experience parenthood as soon as they find out they’re pregnant, fathers generally don’t consider themselves parents until after the baby arrives.

That’s why it’s so important for the father to bond with the baby immediately after birth. Holding the baby close, singing to it and participating in those big life milestones can all help form a lifelong bond between the two!

The “hands-off” approach in parenting can actually cause mental harm to the child and lead it to feel isolated and untrusting of other male figures later on in life. Thankfully, this father has an unbreakable bond with his daughter and the two are as close as can be!

Every time Dad leaves for work or to run errands, his daughter is crushed! But as soon as she hears his car pull into the driveway, she races to the door.

She can’t wait to give Dad a big hug and kiss! Take a peek at her heartwarming reaction for yourself in the video below.

By the looks of things here, this little girl will have a wonderful relationship with her father in the years to come. She certainly is Daddy’s little princess!