Baby Twins Are Having Chat


Babies are some of the most adorable things on the planet. They are a bundle of joy and they bring happiness to everyone around them. If you have raised a child, you know that they change your life in more than one way. You might have to struggle when they keep you up at night with their never-ending cries and screams, but their chubby face and their precious little smiles make up for all the damage they have done.

Babies are experts when it comes to stealing hearts. And what is better than a baby? Two babies! Featured below is an adorable set of twins that is going to melt you for sure. In this clip, we get see them having a chat with each other.

They are so deep in conversation that they don’t even notice mom secretly filming them. The little ones don’t know how to use words yet, but they can still communicate in their own cute way.

Their interaction leaves them both in a fit of giggles. According to mom, this clip was taken in back 2008 and her twins are already nine years old now. She says that they are still the best of friends, and at times, enemies. She also doesn’t know what they find so funny about each other. Watch this heartwarming video below! Did this make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments section!