Beautiful Woman’s Rendition Of Whitney Houston Hit Sends Chills Down Everyone’s Spine


There are some people who would do anything to make their dreams come true. Sleepless nights? Check. Years developing their craft? Check. Making sacrifices for the good of their career? Check. These are all thing Dutch singer Glennis Grace did to make sure her dreams to be a singer reached the level of stardom she always imagined. With options running low in her homeland, Glennis jumped on a plane and headed off to chase the American dream. After scoring an audition on America’s Got Talent, Glennis knew this would be her big shot. Would she be able to rise to the occasion? Or would her past failures prevent her from rocking the audition?

Instead of sticking with an easy song she could knock out of the park, Glennis selected “Run To You” by Whitney Houston. Trying to imitate Whitney’s powerful voice and impressive range is something many artists have tried and failed to do in the past – why would Glennis be any different? As soon as the talented songstress opened her mouth, the judges were knocked back onto their seats. Could a voice so angelic really exist here on Earth? Glennis continued to belt Whitney’s soulful lyrics as the audience members wiped away tears from their eyes!

The moment Glennis’ backtrack faded away, the judges rose to their feet! They weren’t the only ones who were blown away by Glennis’ audition – even the audience members stood to give her an ovation! Everyone wanted to show Glennis just how much they loved her performance! Take a peek at Glennis’ impressive audition for yourself in the video below. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this talented woman. We are totally confident she’s destined to be a soul singing superstar!