Bon Jovi Covering “Hallelujah” By Leonard Cohen


When Leonard Cohen first wrote “Hallelujah”, he didnt expect it to be the phenomenon of a song that it is today. When he first released it, it received very little success and he thought it was one of his songs to put behind him and look ahead to more. But as the years went by and the song matured, people slowly began realizing its true beauty.

Today, his version of the song is one of the most widely recognised songs across the world, sung in many languages. The song itself has become a part of American culture, being widely played in many shows, films and also covered by an almost countless number of artists over the years.

There’s so many covers of it out there, it’s hard to select those that stand out from the rest, since they’re all great. But Bon Jovi did a cover of the song that absolutely surpassed all expectations. His cover shows a completely different set of vocals from what many are used to hearing from him, he opts for softer vocals while still adding in his unique touch to the song. Many have commented that Jon Bon Jovi’s version of the song is by far the best they’ve heard in a long time. Do you agree?