Boy performs a cover of Queen’s classic song


Show Must Go on is one of the most controversial songs in the modern world, but this kid is only 10. And his shock is just beginning. This composition began with a sequence of chords, composed by Roger Taylor and John deacon. The main part of the text written by Brian may, while Freddie mercury was also involved in this process.

“The Show Must Go on” appeared after Roger and John played the sequence and I started working on it. At the very beginning it was just a chord sequence, but I had a strange feeling that it could become something important. I was caught up in a real passion, so I went and took it hard. We sat down with Freddie, decided, what must be theme, and wrote the first a verse.

This song has a long history, but I always felt it would be important because we were dealing with something that was hard to talk about, but in the music world, you could do it. The text of the composition contains a lot of figurative expressions, which is why the meaning of many lines can be interpreted in different ways.

As a rule, music lovers, who know the history of the song”the Show Must Go on”, are sure that Freddie sang about personal suffering. By itself, the phrase the Show Must Go on is a rigid rule of the theater, existing since the time of Moliere: the performance should continue, despite everything, the play should be played at any cost.

Now the phrase the Show Must Go on is fully associated with Freddie mercury and his life, which he lived as one bright show without stopping at nothing.