Boys Choir Takes The Stage


Boys from the Royal Albert Hall are touching my heart each time I see them. Boys have really «angelic» voices and huge souls.

Choral singing with its centuries-old traditions can strengthen the child’s best qualities and foster moral beauty. Today’s musical Church tradition revive again, and sing in the Church choir as well might like to enroll in a music school.

Future singers can try out singing in Church, attending Sunday school, and if interest in Church music will evolve into something more than just a hobby, it is possible to give the child in Church and singing school.

Her pupils study not only musical notation, but also subtleties of execution of Church chants. To participate in the choir music education is not required. After all, in the classroom children learn and musical literacy, and choral solfeggio.

For religious holidays the students of the school together with parents and teachers prepared a festive performance. For more than 15 years in the choir of our Church children’s choir sings Beautifully and gently sound of young voices, help members to pray and delight their hearts.

After all, where children are – there is always joy, there is life, there is the future of the parish.