Boys Dress In Onesies


As a child, the school talent show is the best way to show how funny you are and impress your fellow peers by doing something you love! That’s why these boys decided to perform in their talent show this year.

The crowd is glad they did, because these four boys are hilarious! Their act is truly one-of-a-kind.

This group of fifth graders practiced for weeks and were more than ready to blow the crowd away during the New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show! They knew that their routine was hilarious and they hoped that their classmates would feel the same way.

Before the act begins, they hide under a big black sheet. Then the fabric is lifted and the goofiness begins…

Together, the boys created elaborate puppet-like costumes that made them look like babies wearing bibs and onesies. As soon as Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” begins to play over the loudspeakers, the boys jump right into their routine!

They dance in a perfectly choreographed routine that makes their classmates and teachers giggle. As if the silly moves weren’t enough, the fifth graders use sunglasses and baseball caps to make their routine unforgettable.

Even though their use of props is funny, it’s the synchronized dance moves that make the crowd erupt into laughter! These four were the highlight of the show.

Their creative routine has everyone in stitches. These four aren’t the type to bust a move like this, so their act was surprising.

The moment the boys wrap up their performance and “Shake It Off” fades away, their fellow students clap with all of their might. It’s clear that this routine is going to make the boys surefire comedic genius around the school hallways!

Maybe these four have a future in acting? Or stand-up comedy?

Watch their hilarious routine in the video below. These boys sure do know how to make a crowd laugh out loud!