Carol Burnett Accused Her Husband Of Having An Affair


There have been so many shows on television ever since it started. But there are few that really leave a mark. The Carol Burnett Show was always one of the most iconic comedy shows on television. Carol Burnett and her crew were amazing, and the sketches were really rib-tickling and hysterical. Over the years, the show has been honored with many awards, and has produced some of the most enduring comedy skits of all time.

Back in the good days, having an affair was pretty difficult. It took a lot of time and effort to make it happen. Nowadays, everyone has cell phones and various gadgets to aid in such activities. Compared to this, the people in the past had to use their landline phones, and things could get a little sticky with their spouses. The Carol Burnett show decided to poke fun at it, and here are the results below.

The video below shows a skit where Tim Conway is cast as Carol’s husband. They get a call from a wrong number at an ungodly hour in the night. Carol immediately senses something is wrong, and she keeps nagging her husband about it. He insists that it was a call from the wrong number, and that nothing is wrong. She keeps on nagging, and it does get a little annoying.