Carol Burnett Best Of Blooper Reel


Television shows have always been an important part of helping us relax at the end of a long day. It allows us to switch off our minds and focus on being entertained for a while at least. There was a time when TV used broadcast more than just a bunch of “reality” shows. These days, all we get to see are overdramatized shows that don’t have the same quality as the ones before them. Comedies did not have to depend on any cheap sense of humor to make everyone laugh.

They used to be actually funny , and the characters you saw on the TV really grew on you. You could almost feel like they were a part of your world, or you were a part of theirs. The following video shows one of the best shows of all time, “The Carol Burnett Show”. It was really well received by viewers, and it’s no surprise, since it was really well written and performed.

This particular clip shows one of the most hilarious moments on the show. The man who first starts talking is Tim Conway. He kept telling a joke about a circus elephant, and refused to stop until he wasn’t finished with the joke. Meanwhile, the other members of the cast are already in hysterics. They were trying hard to not break their character. But even a professional can only control themselves so much before breaking out!

This improvised bit was ridiculously hilarious, and Burnett’s silent laughter is definitely still contagious!

Check out this hilarious video below: