Carrie Underwood Nearly Unrecognizable, In Star-Studded Trio Performance Of 60’s Classic


This truly is Carrie Underwood like you’ve never seen before. Most people picture Carrie Underwood in attire that’s perhaps a little more country and definitely a little more modern.

And probably not with pink frills and bows, either. Yet, in this Carrie Underwood “All-Star Special” that aired back in 2009, we get a picture of Carrie that is totally different.

How many years has it been since you have seen a throwback to the 1960’s as accurate as this one? With Kristin Chenoweth and Christina Applegate, the trio performs the cutest Motown-style medley you’ve ever heard.

In a pre-performance mock interview with the three stars, they discuss how ridiculous it would be to wear big dresses and full-size wigs. Both Kristin and Christina have strong objections until Carrie reminds them of their motivation and inspiration: Dolly Parton.

The three idolize Dolly Parton! Who doesn’t, though? She’s a country music legend and icon whose God-given talent has crossed decades.

The trio of blondes continually complement each other in their mock interview. They’re a hoot to watch in this segment, but then when they come out all glammed up in era-appropriate clothes, they will blow you away.

The three have no problem coming out on stage in full retro attire. They’ve been blessed with talent that will blow your mind. The skit and the presentation is downright hilarious.

You can’t tear your eyes away from their costumes, their hair-dos and their dance moves. Of course, their voices will astound you!

After you see it, you might wish, like us, that Carrie Underwood would continue the “All-Star Special” tradition. We wonder why it wasn’t more widely aired, but we are certainly glad to have this unique moment with three stars captured.

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