Cheerleader’s epic routine is lighting up the internet, now 10 million people love her for it


The human body is a marvelous thing indeed. With enough practice and dedication, it can achieve even the impossible. From scaling the highest peaks to lifting tremendous amounts of weight, the human body is a miracle indeed. Look at the lithe ballerina balancing her entire body weight on the tip of one toe! That’s enough pressure to crack it, yet she continues to look graceful and dance.

Gymnasts are also really incredible too. They can perform some jaw-dropping moves without even batting an eye. From landing some amazing moves on a balance beam to flying through the air pulling off some unbelievable maneuvers, they do it all. Cheerleaders too need to work as hard as gymnasts. Their cheerleading routines incorporate so many of such moves. The gifted cheerleader in the following video is a perfect example of this.

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