Children Gather On The Beach For Powerful Tribute To Fallen Soldiers That’s Touching Hearts Worldwide


Absolutely outstanding tears running down our faces, all of the children’s voices are angelic, and the violinists were spot on, the whole group should be so very very proud, the gentleman taught them all to the highest standard befitting a 100% World Championship Choir! These young children sound exactly like the singers in the film!

Throughout human history, there have been many wars and bloodshed. From the ancient times to now, war has been a way to settle arguments in a large scale. It’s just chilling to think about living in a time of war. There are still so many regions in the world that sees bloodshed every single day, and it’s heartbreaking. One of the biggest and most influential wars was World War II which lasted between 1939 and 1945.

It was then that the world saw the reality of what hate can do. 6 million Jewish people lost their lives in the Holocaust, and many more lost their lives fighting in the war. Families were torn apart, and the war really shocked the world to its core. The following video pays tribute to all the soldiers who fought in World War II, including the ones that fought in Normandy’s Utah, Omaha and Juno.

This performance was done by the One Voice Children’s Choir. Under the direction of Masa Fukuda, they decided to sing “When You Believe”. It was set on a beach, and each child really gave it their all. They sounded so good together, and the most impressive part is that the song was really not easy to nail! The lyrics included English, French and Hebrew lines, so you can imagine how hard they had to work to master it all!

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