Christina Wels Leaves AGT Judges Open-Mouthed with Her Unbelievably Powerful Vocal


Christina Wells came on America’s Got Talent and proved that you can be a real genius in any sphere, and if you were denied a chance to perform in the past, it doesn’t mean that the same will happen in the future. The audition was so brilliant that the judges were speechless, and we think that the lady has just shown everyone how to achieve your goals and forget about the previous experiences.

Christina confesses that she loves to dream, and this is what brought her to the show in the first place. She is 42 now, and she had a chance in life to become famous. However, the singer was told that she doesn’t fit into the right standard, that’s why she can’t perform on the stage. This is the reason Christina decided to give up on her hobby for a time and became a nurse.

She is now a single mom, but she is still hoping that her career as a performer is possible. America’s Got Talent is the kind of show that allows people all over the country to try their luck and display their abilities in front of the judges. As soon as you step out on stage, everything depends on you, and we think that Christina knew this perfectly well.

She made up her mind to appear on the show and step into the spotlight. When you watch her audition for the first time, you are surprised with the sound of her voice, and this is definitely something you did not expect to find as you were scrolling through the news feed.

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The judges are left in awe, and we think that the positive reaction is predictable, since Christina indeed shows her best and leaves it all out on the scene. We guess that the performer has every chance to advance in the audition process, and the audience has a feeling that she is going to be great. It is really impressive to watch Christina go from high to low with her voice.

The fans agree that this lady is one of the best singers that appeared on the show so far, that’s why the judges need to pay attention to her act and do not forget to provide her with decent opportunities that will help her receive exposure and record her own single. Wells is debunking the stereotypes and bringing down the house with the cover from the musical. This is certainly an unusual choice, but since the lady is here to fulfill her dreams, anything is possible.

Christina knows that her sons are watching the program, and she wants to show them that nothing can stop you on the way to your personal goal. It’s great that the singer’s family is cheering for her as she starts to perform on the scene of the national show, and it is no wonder that the clip is already going viral.

The composition is nothing short of fantastic, and with all that being said, it is impossible to watch the performance only once. Even the judges, who are not used to smiling throughout the auditions, are joining the viewers and giving Christina a standing ovation. Watch her below!