Contestant Performs Elvis Classic


Only seconds into Benedikt Köstler’s blind performance, the judges were already covered in goosebumps. This was a moment neither the judges or the audience will ever forget. Köstler’s performance was well thought-through with the perfect song choice that would allow his pure tones to shine through. Gifted with a velvety smooth voice, Köstler was ready to share his talent as he stepped on stage. The judges had no idea that right behind them stood this dashing young man.

After all, it was his voice that they were anticipating, but as soon as the first judge turned around, they were shocked to see that the spine-tingling voice belonged to someone who already looks like a star. One by one the judges were impressed by the young singer’s performance. Köstler, who appeared to be very comfortable on stage, flashed a smile towards the judges as soon as each of them turned their chair, and in a way which clearly demonstrated his thanks.

With his family backstage cheering him on, an audience that swooned with his every word, and at least two judges who showed their support, it seemed as if his performance was going well. Nothing could stop him now. However, no one could have expected the way his voice would suddenly change on them, and spark a reaction from the remaining judges that would end it all.

Of all the blind performances, Köstler has a way of bringing something truly special to the stage. Bringing back a classic Elvis Presley love song, he steals everyone’s hearts one by one. You simply won’t want to miss this shining performance by Benedikt Köstler in the video below.