Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor


Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini know how to entertain and get fans cheering! Even at just four and five years old, the dancing duo was feeding off of each other’s energy and winning over the hearts of the crowd.

Such was the case during this performance at the Atlanta Open. Instead of sticking with an easy dance form, the adorable little ones opted for a complicated Cha Cha routine.

The Cha Cha was introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin in the early 1950s. The dance was named by the shuffling sound the dancer’s feet make on the dance floor.

It is a popular style of dance that is often performed in ballroom competitions. The energy and beat also make it enjoyable for those watching. Dancers are able to execute such impressive and flawless moves while cha cha-ing.

Styles may differ, but it always remains a favorite among dancers and viewers alike. So, when the pair proudly walk onto the dance floor, everyone in the crowd watched eagerly. The audience couldn’t believe that these two pint-sized performers would be taking the floor with a myriad of adults who had been performing for years.

They knew something incredible was about to happen! Sure enough, Yasha and Daniela delivered a dance routine for the ages.

Moving together in near-perfect unison, the pair twisted, dipped, spun and did it all with smiles from ear to ear. The are so in sync it’s as if they’ve been dancing together forever instead of just the few mere years they’ve glided across the dance floor.

What an incredible gift these two have been blessed with! They have such amazing talent. Take a peek at their heartwarming Cha Cha routine for yourself in the video below.

What a joy they are to watch bringing smiles to everyone who sees them.