Crowd Gathers To Hear Teen’s Haunting Elvis Classic, But Nearby Stranger Has Plans Of His Own


Some singers, songwriters, and musicians, even the most talented ones, spend years playing music and never truly being noticed. Some will even devote their whole lives to their craft without making their dream, a career in music, come true. A successful career in music or entertainment not only requires talent, hard work, and dedication but a healthy dose of luck.

Of course, you have to be talented to make it big in an industry that’s so fast-paced and always changing. But, sometimes, being in the right place at the right time is all a matter of luck and things can change for you in seconds. It may have been luck that stepped in for Natasha Cook Jenkins of Glasgow, Scotland.

She dreamed of becoming a singer but had doubts about whether or not her dream would ever be realized. But, that didn’t stop her from relentlessly pursuing the future she only hoped for. This girl had what it takes and she knew that. That reason is whe she never gave up, and boy are we glad that she didn’t.

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