Dad Plays Guitar and She Sings The 1973 Classic


Countless artists have tried their hand at the hit Dolly Parton song “Jolene” but Alexandra Kay’s rendition is certainly one of the best. Accompanied by her talented father who plays the acoustic guitar in the background, the Illinois native belts Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” almost as well as Dolly herself.

It’s obvious that the legendary country queen would be proud of Alexandra’s powerful take on the song. Everyone agrees that she totally nails it!

Her fans have commented about how she’s the only artist to come close to accurately portraying it and she’s a young woman. If you close your eyes, you can envision Dolly herself singing.

Before we take a peek at the duo’s take on “Jolene,” we need a little bit of background on Alexandra. The talented young woman is a singer and songwriter who clearly has a passion for country music.

Alexandra started writing songs at the age of 15 as a way to deal with the everyday struggles of being a teenager. From boys to parents, schoolwork to tough life lessons – music was a way for Alexandra to come to terms with the things happening in her life.

In the years since, she has become a popular recording artist in the music industry – and has had a ton of success via online platforms such as YouTube. As soon as you hear Alexandra’s voice during this casual performance with Dad, it’s easy to see that she will go far as a country music star!

Even Dad is incredible on the guitar. Fans not only love Alexandra’s version, but many comment on how impressive he is. They can’t get over how he strums the classic song Jolene.

Together, the two possess an incredible amount of talent. It’s truly amazing to hear her voice channeling Dolly Parton.

In the video below, Alexandra gives the world a sample of just how talented she really is. Even though Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is a difficult song to master, Alexandra certainly has the skill to knock it out of the park.

With Dad on the guitar, she performs “Jolene” while sitting comfortably in her home. You will not believe how beautiful her rendition is.

So many people are in love with her husky, deep voice! This particular video of Alexandra’s has received more than 2.4 million views

God truly blessed Alexandra with an incredible voice. She’s sure to go far in the country music worl!

Check out the video below to see exactly why the Internet is going nuts over Alexandra!