Dad Releases New Song Cover


Dad does it again! If you remember, we shared a video early last year of a little girl recording her father sing while driving down the road. She was so proud of her dad and adored his voice, so of course, like any other new age kid, she pulled out a phone and started recording; she wanted everyone to see how good her dad was and celebrate his voice. And that’s exactly what happened!

Kris Jones became a singing sensation. He went on to compete in an international competition and even made an appearance on everyone’s favorite, “The Ellen Show.” We all know he deserved these platforms more than anything and he delivered in each one of his performances.

fter his daughter released his initial video (parts of that footage are shared through the pictures above and below), Kris recorded a song he sings in the car, just for his wife. These sweet gestures go to show just how important his family is for this man. His first two gone-viral videos were recorded in the car, but that doesn’t compromise the quality of his voice or his song choices. In the picture below, taken from the first video that his daughter uploaded on YouTube, you can see the two bonding over Kris’ favorite tune and also dancing along.