Dance between a rodeo clown and a police officer


It was so damn funny! Officer has some serious moves… I would definitely dance with him! Give me a break and watch!

We love it when the boys in blue show us how to get down. Add this hilarious rodeo shake down to the top of the list. When this rodeo clown, JJ Harrison, decides to have a dance off, he doesn’t just comb through the stands looking for a fan for the fun-filled throwdown: he reaches for the man with the badge, Spanish Fork’s own Officer Adams.

Enjoy the shake down (and then the dressing down it gets from the clown) in the silly, playful clip below. Cheers to Officer Adams for playing along and showing the crowd a great time while he was at it!

One of the best-known rodeo clowns in the business decided it was time for a little fun with one of the guys on duty during an event in Spanish Fork, Utah — and oh boy, the audience loved it! JJ Harrison, a former school teacher turned beloved rodeo clown, is widely known for his quick wit, hysterical antics, and killer dance moves, so it’s no surprise when he does something unexpected and hilarious.

Calling out to an officer in the stands, he tells him to come down into the arena and is later joined by one of the rodeo queens from earlier in the event. The announcer and JJ go back and forth with some banter about inviting a cop into the arena, to which JJ replies, «I got an idea!»

«We’re gonna have a little dance off — this should be a lot of fun, don’t ya think?» JJ said energetically to the crowd. «How many of you in Spanish Fork wanna see Officer Adams get a little jiggy with it?» To that the crowd roared with applause and JJ cued the song to start. When Officer Adams starts throwing down moves, it will blow your mind!

Take a look at this hysterical video of JJ Harrison, Officer Adams, and a sweet Rodeo Queen doing a dance off below — you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter at the end!