Dance Form In The 1950s


This time was absolutely unique, many say that it is impossible to fully understand if you were not there. From the beginning of 1960-ies in fashion began to enter a single dance, that is not requiring a mandatory partner. These dances were a great many. But only some of them have become so popular that almost in its original form has reached us.

Here we will list the most basic: “The Stroll” dance craze that began in the late 1950-ies. In fact, stroll became the first linear dance. At first he was danced in pairs, standing in front of each other, but later he was transformed into a woman’s dance. American ballroom dance of the late 1950s, a slow variation of Rock and Roll dance.

Time signature — 4/4. The pace is slow. It is performed in pairs, in a group construction. In December 1957, American Newspapers announced the next public crazy dance called “the Stroll”. Like many other mass dance Hobbies of the twentieth century, the dance was born, Stroll among blacks teenagers.

New dance phenomenon in style reminiscent of big Apple-the famous dance of the 1920s. Here is a description of dance: The line of boys and the line of girls are located at some distance in front of each other. Between them remains a “corridor” or “Avenue” — as you like.