Dancers Begin Irish Dance


4 dancers begin to perform Irish dance. But, when the scene appears the fifth performance to a new level. Irish dances have been part of Irish culture for centuries. Historians believe that they have spread widely in Ireland since at least the 17th century, and the first written mention of them was made in southern Ireland and dated from the eve of Christmas 1413.

Last year, the Irish dance championship in Dublin brought together dancers from 20 countries to show the judges their inimitable skills. All participants showed a great performance dancing, but a team called “Fusion Fighters” put on a show that many remember.

Clockwork modern melodies and easily recognizable Irish step in a chic mix could not but give a positive effect on the audience in the hall, and many jumped from their seats, welcoming this performance.

Michael Flatley is one of the men who decided to create a women’s dance group and to teach them how to dance Irish dance.

It should be noted that the girls did it. It seemed to us that they are no worse and possibly even better than men. The Irish culture has joined already more than 6,5 million people who have visited about two thousand of the views of the Irish show.

Once upon a performance, people come again and again, and for several years the Irish show “Riverdance” walks the planet to Celtic music in the rhythm of the steppe.

When the ramp moves the ranks of the dancers, smoothly kicking the stage in heavy shoes, the room gets up. To explain this phenomenon, nobody can.