Darci Lynne Sings Cowboy Duet With Puppet


You may be a stranger to ventriloquism now, but that’s about to change. Darci Lynne Farmer may be young, but she’s already a master at what she does – traveling the world, gaining fame and spreading a love for the art of ventriloquism.

You see, Darci discovered her passion for working alongside puppets as a little girl. Now at the age of 13, she is performing around the world as an extremely talented (and quite funny) ventriloquist!

This adorable girl is not only hilarious during the back and forth banter with her puppets, she’s also an incredibly gifted singer and yodeler. This Oklahoma gal’s got it all!

In this particular performance, Darci and her puppet Katie have been invited to appear on the show Little Big Shots in England. Darci carries Katie onto the stage and sets her pig-tailed puppet down on a bail of hay.

Darci’s cell phone begins to ring, and she answers, “Hey listen, this isn’t a good time. I’m about to perform for Little Big Shots.” Katie, Darci’s puppet, is clearly annoyed by the cell phone and snaps, “Would you get off the phone?”

After the two exchange a few funny words, the music starts up – and they go into yodeling action. What this young girl can do is absolutely amazing!

It’s simply stunning to watch as Darci gracefully switches back and forth between the voice of herself and that of her puppet – never missing a beat! And, if the amazing ventriloquist talent of this young girl doesn’t blow you away, her breath-taking yodeling skills certainly will.

Darci’s talent won over the hearts of Americans when she captured the winning title on America’s Got Talent. Now, she’s drawing fans from across the ocean, too.

You’ll surely smile from ear-to-ear as you enjoy this hilarious, impressive puppet performance!