David Archuleta Sings “The Prayer”, Pay Attention When His Friend Decides To Join In


David Archuleta is an amazing young singer. Most of us are familiar with his name thanks to American Idol. Archuleta was a fan favorite on the seventh season of the hit TV talent show. David reached the finals of the season, but unfortunately, he lost it to David Cook. Even though he bagged the second spot, he went on to become quite popular. Despite disappearing from the limelight for a few years, his fame hasn’t diminished yet.

He wasn’t very active in the last few years, but Archuleta went on to perform on the fifteenth season finale of American Idol in April of last year, and his song “Numb” premiered on November 4th the same year. In the video below, we get to hear one of his Christmas releases. Archuleta joins hands with his friend, Nathan Pacheco, for a jaw-dropping version of “The Prayer”. He says, “More than 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus Christ, our Savior. In celebration of the Christmas season, Nathan and I recorded The Prayer”.

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