Deputy’s Widow Reads Final Love Letter to Husband at Funeral


On Dec. 31, 2017, Sheriff’s Deputy Zackari Parrish was killed in the line of duty during a shooting involving a domestic disturbance. The same shooting injured three other deputies, a police officer, and two civilians.

Plaguing the Colorado community with sadness instead of joy as they rang in the New Year.

Parrish, 29, was the father of two and had been married to his wife, Gracie, for over eight years. But on Friday, Jan. 5, the family said their final goodbyes when Parrish was laid to rest.

Hundreds of friends, family, and fellow officers filled Cherry Hill Community Church for the funeral. People were wrapped in lines outside, waiting to pay their respects to the deputy and his family.

During the service, Gracie took the stage. She read a love letter to her husband.

“I’ve written many letters to Zack,” she first explained. “Some were love notes while we dated. Some were letters tucked inside of his suitcase when he traveled. Others were emails that I’d write to him when my words couldn’t seem to make the cut.”

“Letters have always been a way for me to process and express my heart, so it only felt right to compose this final letter to the love of my life.”

“This is a letter that I never thought I’d write,” as her voice started to crack, overcome with emotion. “It is one filled with grief and sorrow, pain and heartache. But it is also filled with pride and joy.”

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