Diva Principal’s Hilarious Snow Day Ballad Has Parents & Students Cracking Up


When you’re a student, nothing beats the feeling of waking up to discover that school is canceled for the day.

Maybe you remember the sound of snow plows or perhaps your mom would always come in to let you know… either way, that news was like a gift from on high. For the students at Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky, though, the delivery method and messenger were pretty unique. But that’s why their school cancellation is now going viral!

Chad Caddell has a great sense of humor, which is probably partly why he’s such a wonderful principal at Union Pointe Academy.

Recently, thanks to the cold snap that swept across the U.S., Chad gifted his students with a snow day. But the way he notified them and their families was what made his message truly epic.

Channeling one of his favorite singers, Mariah Carey, Chad created a unique snow day announcement video.

Using the tune of Mariah’s big ’90s hit “Hero,” Chad altered the words to let students know that they were free as birds for the day.

Not only does the principal have a pretty decent singing voice, but his presentation skills are totally on point!

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