Dolly Parton & Carrie Underwood Deliver A Song


Every so often, a song comes along that spans generations. One such song has been around for several decades, with various performers putting their own personal touch on the classic.

Most of us associate the infamous love song “I Will Always Love You” with Whitney Houston after she performed it in the box office movie The BodyGuard. But it actually was made famous decades earlier by the queen of country music herself, Dolly Parton.

With Dolly’s signature voice and impeccable style, it is a real treat to hear her sing the timeless classic. Audience members were in for double the surprise when Carrie Underwood pulled up a chair next to the country superstar for an intimate duet of this famous song.

Carrie Underwood may be the modern day princess of country, but Dolly will forever be the reigning queen. Not only is she the most popular female country performer of all times, but she is a star member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Needless to say, it was as much a dream come true for Carrie to perform alongside her idol as it was for the audience to watch them sing together. It only takes a couple of seconds to realize that this duet is extra special.

Their rendition is absolutely flawless and hearing the two famous voices merge is just spectacular. While Whitney’s version may be better known, this performance is chilling in a completely different way.

This particular rendition of “I Will Always Love You” has garnered 10 million views online. Countless people have praised the two women’s talents and their harmonious melody, a true gift from God.

Both country crooners are even dressed impressively for their special performance, which aired on Carrie’s All Star Holiday Special. You have to listen for yourself to hear this beautiful blending of unmistakably incredible voices.

Watch the video below to hear “I Will Always Love You” like never before. It may very well be your new favorite version!