Elderly Couple Shocks Audience with Their Dirty Dance on AGT Stage. Take a Look


Celina and Filiberto are the elderly couple from Cuba, who presented their version of dirty dancing on America’s Got Talent. Though the audience cheered for the guys and showered them with applause the second they saw the moves, Mel B from Spice Girls was not impressed with the routine, saying that the competition is family friendly, and the couple cannot go on performing such risky numbers in front of the crowd.

Indeed, what started as the innocent sliding turned into the bold show that attracted hundreds of viewers to the screen. Celina and Filiberto are showing us that they are really passionate about one another, and we can’t get enough of their antics as they step out on the stage and make the judges smile.

This Cuban pair became the favorites of the users, who have seen their act several times, but their raunchy performance was considered to be too explicit by Mel B, who added that the dance would look good on the show that is not as conventional as America’s Got Talent. You will definitely appreciate the energy of the couple, appearing before the viewers.

At the beginning of the dance, they hug one another and look right into the camera. The judges almost melt from the overload of cuteness, but if you think that the dance is going to be performed in slow motion, you have to watch again. Soon enough, the couple begins to display the extreme movements that cause the audience to explore and show their approval for the duo and the unbelievable audition, presented below.

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