Elderly Couple Shocks Audience with Their Dirty Dance on AGT Stage. Take a Look


You will agree that dancers from Cuba have fantastic vibes, and they manage to win us over when they display their own version of the energetic dance. You will be surprised to find out more about these performers, because they certainly do not look like people who would be swaying their hips and rotating their bodies a lot. Do not expect a traditional routine, however, because Celina and Filiberto are nothing short of amazing.

They confess that they want to make their dream come true and appear on the national stage as a couple. Although the majority of the viewers expected them to perform something that looks more like a waltz, they decided to blow us away with the moves that caused a sensation on the media.

These seniors thought that they need to leave the ballroom genre behind and try something new to impress the audience and make it into the news. After you watch the routine, provided by the merry couple, you will agree that they are anything but humble.

Although Mel B complains that the performances like the one below should be presented without the public watching, we want Celina and Filiberto to succeed on the national stage and prove that you can win the world with the moves that are far from modest. Prepare to be stunned by the performance and don’t hesitate to check out the moves!