Elvis Performed This Gospel Song Only Once In Concert, And He Left The Audience Begging For More


Elvis Presley was known as a rebel, a bad boy, and a man that could usually get the crowd dancing in such a way that ones parents would sincerely not approve. But does that mean that he didn’t have a heart of gold? Absolutely not. This artist’s talent is immeasurable and the way in which he inspired those in and out of his generation, is something not many people have had the luxury of achieving in their lifetime.

Which is why many are not only a fan of his rock n’ roll songs, but also those that are soulful, gracious and lovely. And whether you’re listening to one of his softer songs or one that is upbeat and fun, you know that it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

Today, we’re going to pay tribute to one of Elvis’s slower more Godly tunes. You see, despite his reputation, Elvis was a religious man. “I believe in the Bible.

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