Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” filmed just weeks before his death!


We all like Elvis Presley’s style and music! And this performance is very nice proof of it! So watch it below and enjoy!

Elvis during his last tour,9days before his last show and just 7 weeks before he died. Talk about a blue Christmas. Elvis Presley sang “Blue Christmas” in what would’ve been the last time he performed this holiday hit. Fans still love listening to this classic Christmas song every time the holidays roll around. “Blue Christmas” became an international smash hit when Elvis released his version in 1964.

Though this song has been covered over the years, there’s nothing like Elvis Presley’s rendition that has you in the feels. Elvis changed this song and made it his own. It’s no wonder why it became a smash hit. In this never-before-seen performance, he performed nine days before his last show ever and just seven weeks before his death.

It’s hard for most fans to watch this rare footage since Elvis doesn’t look quite like himself. But, he still very much sounds like himself. One YouTube user said, “Even at the end he is still the man who rocks the house.” No one will ever replace him and no one can try.

«Blue Christmas» is a Christmas song written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson and most famously performed by Elvis Presley. It is a tale of unrequited love during the holidays and is a longstanding staple of Christmas music, especially in the country genre.

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