Famous actors in sketch


Television has given us a look into the lives of many unforgettable and unbelievable characters. The magic of television and the actors that involve themselves in the glamorous world of getting to be, in some cases, whoever they want. Who they’ve always wanted to be or who they know they could be. From Jim Carrey’s unforgettable characters in In Living Color, to Steve Martin’s magnificent performances, the comedy and joy they created spread wide and far.

Tim Conway finds himself in quite a lofty position. His popularity seems to precede him, known to many as the most famous and loved actors in the long history of television and comedy for television. His place in the annals of comedy history as well as television history peaked with his appearance on Carol Burnett Show. He seemed to be given a gift the day he was born. It wasn’t for him though, it was for the world.

His gift of making people smile, to bring laughter even in the worst situations. Many have said his brain was not only genius, but his sense of humor had wit and great “color.”

Harvey Korman does a fine job of playing the ship’s captain. Very darn fine job. He nails partial senility and fragility spot on. The almost lackadaisical air that surrounds him as the captain leaves everyone in tears. The duo seems to have just the most befuddled adventure on any sea I’ve ever seen. The antagonist in this skit is an iceberg, which they are trying desperately to avoid, only to have Korman do the most hilarious thing!

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