Father And Son’s Song


Tim and Jack Goodacre are a father-son duo that has a natural knack for music that most of us couldn’t imagine. Tim, 43, and Jack, 12, are more than three decades apart in age but they’re totally synced up when it comes to their music! Their impressive style and passion for creating music together are undeniable — and their original song “The Lucky Ones” is equally as impressive! That’s why they mustered up their courage and auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent. They had no idea that one judge, in particular, would have such a strong reaction to their performance.

Before their audition began, Tim explained why they wrote “The Lucky Ones” in the first place. He said, “We’ve all had family losses and things like that, and as a father and son – it’s a father-son and family song. It’s about us.” After his father’s explanation, Jack piped up and commented, “It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have.”

This sense of gratitude is exactly what gave the pair enough courage to sing “The Lucky Ones” in front of the judges, live audience, and the rest of the world watching online. With millions tuned into their every move, Jack and Tim began to play. What poured from their mouths was almost too beautiful for words.

Together, Tim and Jack sang their hearts out about the pain of loss and the hope associated with moving forward. As soon as their performance wrapped up, the audience erupted in cheers. This was clearly a performance that everyone would remember forever! Even though the crowd loved “The Lucky Ones,” what would the judges think? Just as Tim and Jack felt their nerves were going to boil over, the judges started their review! This was the moment they were waiting for — but one judge had a surprise up his sleeve for the sweet father-son pair! Take a peek at what happened next here!