Father Helped His Blind Son Aware His Musical Talent


Patrick Henry Hughes played his trumpet in the marching band at the University of Louisville, despite never having seen a game and being wheelchair bond. But he’s never seen himself as having disabilities, but rather abilities, something his father instilled in him since he was born.

Patrick was born blind and is also unable to fully straighten his legs and arms. But what he didn’t have in physical abilities, he made up for in musical talent. By 2 years old, Patrick was able to play the piano and his talent continued to grow.

He learned to play the trumpet as well, and by the time he arrived at the University of Louisville, the marching band knew they wanted him to be a part of their team.

Patrick and his dad thought it was a crazy idea at first, but they decided to make it happen. What Patrick’s dad, Patrick John, did to help his son is truly extraordinary and speaks to their close relationship. “He’s my hero,” he says.

For Patrick he says, “God made me blind and unable to walk. Big deal. He gave me the ability to make [music with the] musical gifts I have and opportunities to meet people.