Father-Son Singing Duo Wins Simon’s Golden Buzzer With Touching Original Song.


When you hear true talent, you just know you’re witnessing something special.

“Britain’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell has made a career out of his uncanny ability to pick talented people out of a crowd of hopefuls. His latest pick is a father-son duo whose moving original song left many viewers in tears during their first audition for the popular talent show.

Tim Goodacre is a musician and father of three. He and his son, twelve-year-old Jack, have been performing since the boy was just five years old, in and around their hometown of Norwich, England. Now they are trying their hand at Britain’s Got Talent.

During their initial chat with judges, Jack admitted that BGT is his favorite show to watch on television, prompting judge David Walliams to ask who was their favorite judge… only to come up hilariously, empty handed. Jack boldly told David that Simon was his favorite judge, simply because he finds Simon’s insults to be funny. David was not amused… but Simon looked like the cat who ate the canary!

Jack and Tim had prepared a song that they wrote together for their audition. The song is called “The Lucky Ones,” and Jack adorably sums up its heartfelt meaning  by stating, “It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have.”

As soon as Tim starts singing, it becomes clear that they’ve got talent. But it’s when Jack joins his father in his clear, strong voice that the beauty of the song becomes overwhelming. Judge Amanda Holden is moved to tears as she listens to them play.
“Promise me no matter how the years change us
You’re perfectly and perfect, just how you were meant to be
And all through our lives I’ll be yours
Say you will be mine
We’re the lucky ones. Only just begun
Others leave too young”
As for Jack’s favorite judge? Simon looks awe-struck throughout the entire performance. In an interview Simon later gave with “Radio Times,” Simon confessed that Jack reminded him of his own son, Eric.

“There was this kid and I was thinking, ‘God, that literally could be Eric’. It wouldn’t be me as the dad, but it could be Eric,” he said. “There was something about this boy, he sang with his dad and I thought the song they wrote was really cool.”

As the judges and crowd rose to give Tim and Jack a standing ovation, Simon says he noticed hosts Ant and Dec eyeing the coveted golden buzzer. The buzzer sits in the middle of the judges’ desk, and when a judge hits it, the contestants no longer have to audition and go straight to the live shows.

“I caught a glimpse of Ant and Dec ready to run down and push the golden buzzer, and I thought, ‘No way! This one is mine!’” Simon said with a laugh. “I think they are really great people, it’s unusual to see a dad and his son, but it worked.”

“Jack, Tim, I think this says it all,” Simon said as he leaned over to hit the golden buzzer. As golden confetti poured from the rafters, Jack’s face said it all: