This Was The Final Time The Beatles Performed Together, And It’s Still Giving People Chills


Every era has its own distinct spirit and sound. Music was so different and distinct in every decade. For instance, the 50’s had crooners, the 80’s and heavy metal and the 90’s had grunge. The 60’s was definitely one of the most influential decades in terms of music and style. It was the time of the Hippie revolution, and also a great deal of experimentation.

There are some legendary artists to emerge from the 60’s. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones—all creates waves with their amazing music. Another big one from the era has to be The Beatles. The Beatles really need no introduction. They were one of the most influential bands in the history of music, and dabbled with various genres, from pop and rock n roll to even psychedelic.

But as with all good things, that too had to come to an end. The group broke up eventually in 1970, ten years after their formation. This video shows their final concert together. They decided to play their first concert in almost three years on the top of Apple Corps. Right after singing two versions of “Get Back” and “I’ve Got A Feeling”, they played “Don’t Let Me Down”. This would be the last time The Beatles ever played together as a group in front of any kind of audience.

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