First feis with her irish dance dress age 3


That awkward moment when you realise that a 3 year old is a better dancer than you! How is it possible to dance like she? It is pure cuteness!

It is incredible! That awkward moment when you realize that a 3 year old is a better dancer than you! Ha-ha! This video will leave you speechless! It is really amazing! Please, read the full story about this cute girl and turn on the video – you will never regret — I promise! Also, share this video on Facebook! Your friends will wonder too!

The shy little girl in this video is only three years old but she already has more dancing skill than many adults do! In this video, you will see her first Irish Stepdance competition and she blows the audience away with her near perfect dance!

This is the most adorable dance you have ever seen! Even though she is really shy, she is able to perform her dance steps with little effort. This is phenomenal for a little one her age! Enjoy watching this delightful dance video and do not feel bad if she dances better than you.

Kids can do anything and make it look cute, but when they can be cute andreally good at something, that is something truly special. This adorable three-year-old was at her first feis, a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival, and was all dressed up and ready to perform in her first Irish step dance competition.

Her hair was perfectly curled and she looked adorable in her traditional Irish dress. The audience was expecting a few halting steps and a little bow at the end, but when the music started and this little girl began to dance, their jaws dropped to the floor.

People pay a pretty penny for dresses that are a variety of colors and patterns that are meant to attract the judges’ and audience’s eyes during feis. Some dancers even purchase curled wigs that match their own hair color to add fullness and pizazz.