The five satins perform “In The Still Of The Night”!


A nice song, it was also a start for the Tempations, we like to sing this too, because singing is a passion of our hearts. Great era for music!

We think that was a time dark coloured skin people were not allowed to socialize in these establishments but could perform that’s how one person Elvis Presley had an advantage and stole songs from little Richard.

When “In the Still of the Night” was released in 1955, it was not a huge hit. However, in the years since, the song has gone on to become a classic, and has been covered by several groups including Boyz II Men. While the version of the song that most people have heard was probably a cover, the original version by The Five Satins is absolutely amazing. Some things just get better with time, and this song is certainly one of those things. Watch the video below to see The Five Satins perform “In the Still of the Night,” live.

One of the most famous songs in doo-wop history, «In The Still Of The Nite» has a very unusual origin story. It was written by group member Fred Parris, who had joined the US Army. As a recruit, he travelled by train between Philadelphia and his home town of New Haven, and it was on these trips that he wrote the song.

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