This Flawless Duet Singing “You Raise Me Up” Is Going To Cover You In Goosebumps


Take two talented contestants. Have them sing a song whose notes many have nightmares hitting. After all they are talented, right? Get them onstage on one of the most popular T.V shows- The Voice Australia. And what you have is one of the most epic performance ever televised. And to think that it was a duel. A first timer would certainly not have noticed this was a head to head. One which was delivered in perfect symphony that soothed the audience’s ears and was a masterpiece in all aspects- even to the rookie who only just started listening to such music.

By pitting Harrison Craig against Tim Moxey, the judges and producers of the show which was one of the episodes which aired in Season 2, are also to be applauded. However, the two put up a performance that had everything to write home about. It’s one thing to sing a popular song well, it’s another to sing Josh Groban’s “You Raise ME Up” without any hitch. Yet they did it with such great passion that for a moment you’d think they were professional singers- only they weren’t.

Harrison won the battle and went on to become the season winner. Growing up, he was a subject of ridicule among his peers solely because he, even to this day, had an irritating stammer. The bullies were on his case every time he wanted to express himself.

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